MAVGA  Handicap Policy & Tournament Rules [pdf]

Guidance Winners [pdf]

MAVGA Golf Rules for Tournaments and Weekend Outings

  1. MAVGA follows USGA golf rules. Members and guests can always apply USGA rules to
    keep scores
  2. Local (club) rules supersede USGA rules.
  3. For practicality and accommodation to higher handicap players, MAVGA applies the
    following exceptions:
    ○ Maximum on any hole is par-par + 2
    ○ Maximum strokes (par-par+2) is counted on failure to legitimately complete a
  4. Winter or wet condition rule (to be announced at the beginning of an event):
    ○ Move (place) ball in the bunker, except when plugged.
    ○ Free relief from a plugged ball in the general area.
    ○ Lift clean and place the ball in the fairway.

Common Rules Explanation

  1. A player cannot improve the condition (or lie) of the ball while it is in play
    •  A player cannot break, bend, or twist living entities or depress on grounds around
      the ball.
    •  Loose impediments around the ball can be removed, without moving the ball.
  2. In the process of looking for the ball or taking a practice stroke on the putting
    green, the ball was accidentally moved, the ball must be replaced to its original
    position without any penalty.
  3. A player does not have options to choose which ball to play – If the original ball is
    located, any provisional ball hit is no longer in play.
  4. If the ball is lost or out of bound (OB):
    •  A player may drop the ball in the area between the point of entry to 2 club
      lengths onto the fairway, not nearer to the hole and incur a 2 strokes
    •  the provisional ball may be played from original ball location unless it landed in a
  5. Lost ball – Player is allowed 3 minutes to search for his lost ball starting from when he
    begins the search. Past 3 minutes, the ball is deemed lost.
  6. Unplayable ball – The player may deem his ball unplayable at any place on the course,
    except when the ball is in the Water Hazard with 1 stroke penalty and apply one of the
    following options:

    •  Go back to the original spot.
    •  Drop 2 club lengths not nearer to the hole.
    •  Drop “straight” back as far as desired directly between the flag and the ball.
  7. Red and Yellow Hazard:
    •  The player with the ball in a red hazard area (lateral hazard) gets an additional option
      compared to Yellow Hazard: Player can drop ball within 2 club lengths at of
      POINT OF ENTRY not nearer to the hole and incur a 1 stroke penalty.
    •  Yellow stake water hazard. See USGA rule or this attached video –
  8. Ball on the green:
    • A Player can fix divots, spikes marks and other damages on the green – but
      patting down your line of putt on the green is not allowed.
    • Mark your ball to replace it exactly where it was.
    • Mark your ball, then move your mark away from another player’s line of putt.
    • Cannot test the condition of the green prior to completing the hole.
  9. A player must complete the hole with the same ball he started with – a player cannot hit a
    ball to the green and putt with a different ball; unless the player is taking a relief then
    a new ball may be played.
  10. Play the wrong ball – Player is allowed to lift or move the ball for identification prior to
    playing. Penalty for playing the wrong ball is 2 strokes and he must drop the ball closest
    to where the wrong ball was played to complete the hole.
  11. Man Made Object – If the ball is not in the hazard and is interfered by yardage marker, cart
    path, sprinkler head, electrical box or any man-made object, a ball can be dropped within 1
    club lengths not nearer to the hole with no penalty.
  12. Ball at Rest Moved by another Ball – There is no penalty to either player as long as this
    the procedure is followed: The person whose shot struck the ball at rest plays his ball as it
    lies; the person whose ball was moved returns the ball to its original position.

Golf Etiquettes

  1. Gimme Putt – standard putter length from putter head to where the grip begins.
  2. Mark your ball – Clearly mark your ball so others can easily identify and verify your ball.
  3. Ask your playing partner to verify your actions under unusual circumstances. Examples:
    • When you need to pick up your ball to identify it.
    • When you found your ball in the woods, have your partner confirm the identity of your ball.
    • When you take a legitimate, free drop from man-made obstruction.
  4. Play Ready Golf – do not fall 1 hole behind the group in front
  5. Do not stand directly or in front of a player while he is putting or hitting a ball.


    MAVGA Championship 2020 Sponsor by Union Home Mortgage At Rock Harbor Golf Course

    1. Tournament place & date

      Rock Harbor Golf Club( Rock Harbor Golf Club)
      365 Rock Harbor Drive
      Winchester, VA 22602 Toll

    2. Date: Saturday-Sunday, October 17- October 18
      Tee time:
      Staturday : Rock Course
         First 6 Tee Time start at 9:45 AM
         Second 6 Tee Time start at 12:21 AM

      Sunday: Boulder Course
         Shotgun (all) 9:35 AM

    3. Tournament deadline:

      The registration deadline date: October 14 2020
      The Payment deadline date: October 14 2020

    4. Tournament cost and payment:

      $140.00 per golfer (including green fee + prizes)
      $140.00 per guest (including green fee )(CP prize only is awarded to guests)

      PayPal: for your payment. (Mark as gift/family to avoid service charge)
      Payment must be paid before or by October 14 2020 to guarantee your reservation.

    5. Tournament Formats:
      • 1. Players will be divided into 3 Flights based on their Tournament Handicap Indices (THI) – no longer a separate flight for women.
        • a. Flight A: HI < 14 or (top ⅓)
        • b. Flight B: HI 14 to 28 or (middle ⅓)
        • c. Flight C: HI > 28 or (bottom ⅓)
        • d. Back (~ 6500 yds): Flight A men
        • e. Middle (~ 6000 yds): Flight B men
        • f. Front (~ 5100 yards): Women
      • 2. If there are not enough participants, the number of Flights may be reduced to two.
    6. Scoring App:

      For speed Up play ,MAVGA is using the "Scoring App" to record, comparing and verification our tournament scores.

      Please download before tournament play
      Android Phone : Click here to Download
      IOS Phone: Click here to Download

    7. Tee Box:

      Flight A Rock Harbor Blue tee (6808 yards; CR 72.8/132)
      Boulder Blue tee (6951 yards; CR 73.4/137)

      Flight B & C Rock Harbor white tee (6252 yards; CR 70.0/126)
      Boulder white tee (6281 yards; CR 70.4/130)

      Women Tee Rock Harbor Yellow tee (4684 yards; CR 63.1/110)
      Boulder Yellow tee (4791 yards; CR 63.4/114)

      Women's flight Silver tee (5196 yards, CR 71.6/127)

    8. Tournament Rules: Local and USGA golf rules are applied.
      • MAVGA Handicap and Tournament Rules
      • Strokes play competition. Course Handicap (C.H.) will be used for the tournament.
      • Submit one scorecard from the group.
      • Scorecards must have the total round score for each player. Incomplete and incorrect total round scores (e.g. BLANK or incorrectly added) will be disqualified.